What is Valet Parking?
Express Valet offers a service known as Valet Parking. It is a process where customers drive to the door of your event and instead of having to worry about finding a place to park and walking  long distances; they are greeted by our professional staff of valet attendants who exchange a ticket for the key to their car. We then proceed to park the vehicle. When the evening is over, they hand us the ticket and we promptly return their car.

How do I know if I need Valet services?
If your area has any parking restrictions or limitations that make it difficult for your customer to attend your occasion, then Express Valet can help eliminate the worry.

Another reason may be that your event is taking place at a specific hour and everyone is due to show up at the same time. This can cause a chaotic beginning of an event, but with Express Valet Handling the parking the chaos can be avoided and everyone can enjoy the event.

How many attendants will I need?
Every event is different. We have the experience to correctly evaluate each situation based on many different factors. Based on your venue, expected guest count and layout of your facility and surrounding areas.  Express Valet will create a tailor-made coverage package that just right for your event.

Are there different types of uniforms?
Absolutely, our attendants have a wide array of styles and looks to most appropriately correspond with your occasion or facility. From a casual polo shirt and shorts, to a first class vest, tie and slacks, our attendants will represent your affair in the best way possible.

Each uniform is seasonally appropriate with the proper attire for the weather. Black pants, white polo shirt, and dark colored running shoes is the most used uniform. This keeps the valets looking the same and your guests will be able to identify easily.

Are customers supposed to tip the valet attendants?
That is completely up to each individual customer. Tipping by your guest is never necessary; however a $2 to $10 dollar tip is the average. If you wish the event to be a non-tipping event, gratuities can be added to the contract.

Are your attendants trustworthy, especially with a car belonging to a guest?
100% yes. Before any employee works for Express Valet, they undergo a complete drug-screening process, state license DMV check, and criminal background check in addition to extensive training before being entrusted to work for us.

Do you have proper insurance in the unlikely event of any damages?
Yes. Express Valet holds an insurance policy with a coverage liability of two million dollars to cover any unlikely events.

How do I get started?
Go to our contact page and sign up now for a no obligation assessment or call us today at 972-679-7786!

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